Who are we ?

The Royal Maritime Club (RMC) is a small non-profit organisation which has been involved in whale and dolphin research for many years. Operating two ships, we are able to discover the secrets of the world of the cetaceans, both locally and further afield.

We are regulary observing the whales and dolphins in their natural habitat. Tourists who join us can take advantage of our excursions and experience the euphoria of such close encounters and marvel at their behaviour patterns.


For our off shore / international waters research and study cruises, we will operate with our motorvessel M/V Dolphin Explorer. For our in shore and coastal water research and study cruises eg. N/W coast of Tenerife, we will operate with the sailing cutter M/S Katrin.

dolphin explorer


Results of our studies are recorded in our data-base. This information is given free to our club members, tourists, students and volunteers. Club members also receive regular news up-dates. Our activities also reach our local school children who periodically join us on observation trips. Plus: we arrange specialised tours for those who have impaired vision and hearing difficulties - as dolphins appear to have an affinity with these individuals creating the feeling of extreme well being.

The RMC is helping to save the cetaceans and we are offering for people who are interested eg. Volunteers and students of marine biology a unique opportunity to participate in the observation and research of whales and dolphins.

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